Where can I find the lowest rates on all of the stuff I'll need to have fun in San Diego or Orange County?

Rays Rentals offers the BIGGEST SELECTION and the cheapest rental rates in San Diego & Orange County on bikes, surfboards, body-boards, wet-suits, Rollerblade™, skateboards and heck, just about anything you can use on or at the beach or bay.

Having fun doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg!

At Rays Rentals , we work hard to find high quality equipment that we’re able to acquire at volume discounts, getting us the lowest prices possible. This way we can offer you the cheapest rates on all of the stuff you want to use to have maximum fun at minimum cost! So take a look at our LOW, LOW rental rates or better yet, stop by the shop and see the hundreds of bikes, blades, surfboards, bodyboards and more but most importantly, experience the Rays Rentals difference for yourself while you have some fun and save some money.

What does it take to rent at Rays Rentals?

Rays Rentals tries to make the renting process as quick and easy as possible. It takes literally minutes to rent the equipment you want from Rays Rentals. All we need is for you to fill out a simple rental contract, have a valid drivers license, state identification, military identification or passport.

How about the deposit?

Rays Rentals will accept your credit card imprint to cover your deposit. The imprint is returned to you when you return the rented items. Other acceptable ways to cover the deposit are cash, valid passport.

Can i Reserve stuff before i arrive?

Sure you can! Reserving equipment assures that everything you want will be here when you arrive. Please go to our RESERVATIONS page for more details or just call us at One of our closest stores to you and we’ll get you fixed up.

Can i cancel my reservation?

Sure you can and as long as it’s outside of two days before your pickup date, you can cancel without penalty! If you cancel within two days of your pickup date or fail to pickup the reserved equipment on the date you’ve agreed to, your account will be charged a one-day fee per item reserved. Please go to our RESERVATIONS page for more details or just call us at the store you placed your reservation at.

What forms of paymentsdo you accept?

Rays Rentals  accepts good old fashion cash in American dollars of course as well as the following credit cards: VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover/Novus. Sorry no personal, business, third party or out of town checks. If you need more information, please contact us by going to our FEEDBACK page or call us or email us at: info@rays-rentals.com

How long can I rent stuff for and how are your rates structured?

You can rent equipment for as long as you want to. Basically we have an “hourly” rate, a “half-day” rate, a daily rate, a 24-hour rate and a weekly rate.

Our hourly rate is a 60-minute block of time.

Our “Half-day” rate is anything over one hour, up to a 4-hour block of time.

Our “Full Day” rate is anything over 4 hours and as late as 30 minutes before closing.

Again, we do require that all “Full Day” rentals be returned 30 minutes before closing (unless otherwise arranged) to avoid having to pay for any additional time or late fees.

Our overnight or 24 hour rate is pretty self explanatory. There is only about a $5 difference in cost so it’s usually a pretty good option if you have someplace to safely keep the equipment overnight.
Our weekly rate is up to 7 FULL business days. But you can rent longer if needed, we will adjust the price accordingly

What if I have some other questions that you haven't covered here?

Please contact us with any questions or feedback by going to our FEEDBACK page or by clicking contact above.